Help needed?

You can contact our servicedesk on one of the following ways. Preferably choose option 1 if you’re already a customer.

For new customers send us an email on Or call us on 014 39 19 70.

Customers who have a service agreement with us can contact us on the special number they can find in the service contract. Or ask your IT manager.

1. Via support agent

Click the support agent icon, you can find it as a smal blue letter 'd' at the bottom right in your taskbar.

2. Via e-mail

Mail our servicedesk on

3. Via your customer portal

4. Via phone

Call us on 014 39 19 70.

5. Your customer file

For an overview of your data, such as passwords, etc., your IT manager can log into this link.

6. Kyocera printers

Do you have a problem with your Kyocera printer? For devices under contract, you can ask for an intervention on this link.

7. Ask for an appointment

Click on this link to book your appointment.

Remote Support!

One of our support engineers can take over your screen remotely and help your further.

1. Via support agent

Click on the support agent, the blue letter 'd' at the bottom right on your taskbar. Choose 'open' and click 'connect' or give the support engineer the name of your computer (hostname).

2. Via Teamviewer